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The Maryland pastor is part of a network of more than 500partner agencies that distribute 45 million pounds of food to more than 500,000 people across the Washington area each year. And although the distribution includes bread, cereal and canned goods, there is increasing focus among church food banks to supply fresh vegetables and meat for the good health of those in need. Fresh food thats the key to lowering high blood pressure and diabetes, said Jeri Bailey, director of the food pantry at the Dupont Park Seventh-Day Adventist Church, who was at the food bank the same day as Nwaneri. We prepare bags for 130families a week that includes a meat, fresh greens, canned goods and other items, Bailey said. But the distribution of fresh food means extra attention must be paid to ensuring that the donated perishables dont spoil. Nearly 36 million tons of food were wasted nationally in 2011, said Nancy Roman, president of the Capital Area Food Bank. Roman recently helped organize a summit in Alexandria to address how local churches and organizations can reduce food spoilage. Participants included Ben Simon, founder of the Food Recovery Network at the University of Maryland; Elise H. Golan, director for sustainable development at the Department of Agriculture; Tom ODonnell, an environmental scientist for the Environmental Protection Agency; and Meghan Stasz, director of sustainability for the Grocery Manufacturers Association, which represents such major brands as Kraft, General Mills and Nestle. Food waste is getting some attention from federal agencies, but [the summit] really connected it to people serving in the communities to begin a conversation that is needed in our region, Roman said in an interview. We are committed to fresh food and vegetables, but we have to pay attention to waste. As panelists talked about how more and more companies are allowed to give out food because of Good Samaritan donation laws, Gerri Magruder, coordinator of the food pantry at First Baptist Church of Capitol Heights , stood in frustration. I want real-life specifics. I would like to leave here with real solutions, said Magruder, who told the panel that there was a shortage of fresh produce when her volunteers recently went to the main food bank to pick up items for their weekly community giveaways. 2

The market also has two tapas bars, El Quim and Pinotxo, which are always busy with customers. El Quim offers a variety of tapas as well as their specialty two fried eggs with your choice of topping, like baby squid, ham, and their signature seasonal item, llanqueta (tiny fish). La Boqueria also has a food school that teaches participants about the origin and history of foods, culinary traditions, and preparations. 2. Borough Market, London London’s oldest market, Borough Market, attracts locals and visitors alike. With more than 100 stalls, the market, which can trace its roots back to the 11th century, can be difficult to navigate, but is home to a vast amount of ethnic and specialty foods. Borough Market captures the rich culinary history and diversity of London, offering a wide variety of food, like fine cheeses and olive oils alongside creative dishes like ostrich burgers. The full market is open Wednesday through Saturday, and visitors can mingle with chefs and producers as they sample their way through the various stalls. The market sells fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, seafood, dairy, and breads, but if you’re visiting for a meal, there are also many vendors selling prepared foods to choose from. Some notable vendors include Khanom Krok, which sells authentic Thai street food (like mango and coconut sticky rice), and Gujarati Rasoi, which sells British Indian food (like samosas and samosa chaat) made with recipes one of the owners knows by heart. READ MORE: Best farmstead dining 3. Noryangjin Fish Market, Seoul The Seoul Fish Market is both a wholesale fish market and a cultural attraction. More than 300 tons of seafood from South Korea arrives at this market every day, and visitors who arrive early in the morning can watch the fish auction, which occurs every day except Sundays and holidays. Some of the exotic seafood items, like the giant squid tentacles, are sold for hundreds of dollars.

“Peer recommendation is the best form of getting correct information,” she adds. Launched on May 12 this year with 50 young food lovers, the site has blossomed and buzzing with hot news about unique foods of Nagpur. With the mean age of the group being around 26 years, street food, snack items and offbeat stuff is popular here. “Foodies go for taste and not appearance,” feels Pranay Patil, an engineer active on the site. “Tier 2 cities have some gem of joints tucked away in bylanes. We need to dig them out and share them with others. This will promote food appreciation in the city,” says Ankit Jaiswal, a young entrepreneur. A casual query about where to eat authentic south Indian and Bengali food by Alok Patro from Orissa, employed in a city firm, elicits a flood of suggestions. “Try Veeraswami, Coffee House and Gokul Vrindavan, they are the best bets. The South Indian mess near Ram Nagar too serves good stuff, similar to homemade food,” he is told. Expressions change the moment big brands are mentioned. “Burger, choice in branded pizzas and even fried chicken are not for us Nagpurians,” they cry. “Have you tried the pizza and sandwiches sold at a thela near Traffic Park,” suggests Sachit Chaudhary a 3{+r}{+d} year engineering student. Wondering how a pizza can be made on a handcart, Chaudhary also sees humour in the name of the vendor.