Justin Bieber Spitting In His Neighbor’s Face Wasn’t Criminal, D.a Rules

Tyler The Creator

But, in truth, many commentators including Vanilla Ice have pointed out that both Cyrus and Bieber appear to be in need of guidance. Tellingly, both came top of parental website What To Do With The Kids recent, third annual Worst Role Model For Kids poll. Like Justin, Miley has found herself on the receiving end of public censure following her incendiary twerking medley with Robin Thicke at the 2013 VMAs triggering accusations of depravity and racism. More recently, Irish singer/activist/priest Sinead OConnor has joined the line-up of those critical of Cyrus subsequent topless, explicit publicity drive. Contacted for comment after Miley cited OConnors Prince-penned Nothing Compares 2 U as an inspiration behind her Wrecking Ball video, Sinead wrote a face-value concerned open letter but also referred to Cyrus using variations of the word prostitute five times, as gossip maven Lainey (Elaine Lui) noted . [O’Connor’s first open letter here . At the last count, she is up to three.] (Photo: Sinead O Connnors Third Open Letter To Miley Cyrus On Facebook) Clearly offended, Miley responded on Twitter by comparing OConnor to Amanda Bynes as well as posting Sineads two-years-old tweets at a time when the Irish singer may have been in the middle of a Bipolar episode. Cyrus also posted a snap of OConnor tearing up a photo of Pope John Paul II on SNL in 1992. Sinead responded by publicly threatening Cyrus with legal action if the tweets in question were not removed. As at the time of press and heading into what promises to be an unmissable SNL tonight, on which Miley is performing and hosting, the 20-year-olds Twitter timeline is unchanged. Before Amanda Bynes.

Justin Bieber will not be charged for allegedly spitting at neighbor or reckless driving

Which is probably worse. Picture: Justin Bieber – Justin Bieber performs live at the MGM Grand Garden Arena as part of his 2013 ‘Believe Tour’ – Las Vegas, Nevada, United… The key finding seems to be that Justin Bieber is a bit of an idiot, though isn’t a criminal. We’re talking about the whole spitting thing, by the way. Prosecutors declined to press charges against the diminutive pop star this week regarding an incident in which a neighbour of the singer approached him about allegedly speeding around their gated community in Calabasas. He promptly received a big old hunk of Bieber spit in the face – something the L.A. County District Attorney’s Office found “immature” but not criminal. Rapper Tyler, The Creator had actually taken responsibility for the reckless driving, though Justin got aggressive with the neighbor anyway. Deputy District Attorney Alan Yochelson wrote in his charges evaluation worksheet – as reported by TMZ.com – that Bieber’s response to being confronted “seems disproportionate and immature,” but that the evidence did not show “beyond a reasonable doubt” that his actions were criminal. A representative for young Justin – probably delighted by the news – had no comment. Watch Justin Bieber enjoying New York Fashion Week last month: The D.A.

Justin Bieber Supporting Miley Cyrus, Duet In Works?

County District Attorney’s Office has decided that this alone was not enough to press charges for allegedly spitting at his neighbor. Prosecutors also decided not to charge him with reckless driving for an incident in May. Back in March , one of Biebers Calabasas, Calif. neighbors told police that the As Long As You Love Me singer spit in his face when he confronted Bieber about speeding around the neighborhood. At the time, neighbors said that Bieber had taken his new car for a joyride around the neighborhood. Now, months later, E! News is reporting that Bieber will not be charged for a crime in the incident. While his response seems disproportionate and immature, Deputy District Attorney Alan Yochelson wrote, evidence doesnt point to Bieber committing a crime beyond a reasonable doubt. (For the record, Bieber has spit on fans and in the face of a DJ , as well.) Yochelson decided to also dismiss Biebers reckless driving case from May. According to TMZ , video showing the Ferrari revealed that Bieber wasnt even in the car at the time. Tyler The Creator later told TMZ that he was actually behind the wheel at the time. image: CBS

Mark-Paul Gosselaar Talks Justin Bieber, Breckin Meyer, and Growing Up In Hollywood

He is healthy and just perfect all we could ask for, Before he became a dad for the third time, Gosselaar sat down for drinks with Paul F Tompkins on his interview show Speakeasy with Paul F Tompkins. In the intimate, speakeasy setting, the two drink Manhattans while Gosselaar opens up about everything, including his Franklin & Bash co-star Breckin Meyer , how he survived growing up in Hollywood, why he thinks Justin Bieber is annoying, and, he even plays an hilarious game of Modern Day Saved By The Bell. More from the interview after the jump, and dont forget to launch the gallery to take a look at Mark-Paul Gosselaar through the years. 15Photos Before he donned the crimson letterman jacket of Bayside High School prankster, Zack Morris, Gosselaar was pursuing a career in drama, not comedy. He explains that he felt drama was what he was stronger as a dramatic actor. He isnt the only one who thought that; in fact, early on in his career Gosselaar was mentored by Alan Arkin who advised Gosselaar to stay in film and drama, and to not do a sitcom.In the end, Gosselaar did not let Saved By The Bell pass him up, even if Arkin didnt agree with the career path. Things seem to have worked out pretty good for Gosselaar, who, over 20-years later, stars in the TNT comedy, Franklin & Bash. Franklin & Bash centers around two off-beat and unconventional attorneys who are also life-long friends. The show also stars Breckin Meyer, and Gosselaar explains that the chemistry we see on-screen between Franklin & Bash, reflects the pairs relationship in real-life: what you see on screen is mostly just us really enjoying each others company. Gosselaar, who has been acting since he was 12, has avoided the traps most child stars fall into. He explains to Tompkins that the secret to his private life, is maintaining alife outside the Hollywood bubble. Although Gosselaar worked in L.A. from a young age, as a child he lived a normal life with his parents and siblings, in a quiet suburb 30 minutes outside the city: I went to a normal school. I had normal friends that were not in the industry. I wanted to play sports. I wanted to just hang out with my friends. Gosselaar admits that it was easy to stay under the blanket and kind of hide when he was a child actor. There wasnt Twitter.

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