The Woman Who Takes Those Beyoncé-approved Photos Has Cancer

And Beyonce admits in a new interview that it was the connection she felt to her unborn child that helped her through the pain of labour. ‘We were talking. I know it sounds crazy, but I felt a communication,’ said the 32-year-old in the November issue of Marie Claire Australia . ‘We talked’: Beyonce admits in a new interview that it was the connection she felt to her unborn child that helped her through the pain of labour She also said thinking about what her child was going through helped distract her from the pain of her birth. ‘I felt like when I was having contractions, I envisioned my child pushing through a very heavy door,’ said the singer. ‘And I imagined this tiny infant doing all the work, so I couldnt think about my own pain.’ She also revealed she started to feel the maternal instinct late in her pregnancy. ‘I felt very maternal around eight months,’ she said. ‘And I thought I couldnt become any more until I saw the baby But it happened during my labor because I had a very strong connection with my child. Connection: ‘We were talking. I know it sounds crazy, but I felt a communication,’ said the 32-year-old in the November issue of Maria Claire Australia Beyonce showed off her sensational figure in a high-waisted sparkling blue skirt paired with a cropped striped T-shirt on the cover of the fashion magazine. She wore her highlighted hair in voluminous curls and sported a glowing complexion. The singer stared confidently into the camera as she posed with her arms in what appeared to be a dance move. Stage fright: Beyonce said she feels nervous returning to the spotlight after giving birth, pictured over the weekend in Puerto Rico Beyonce also opened up about her return to the spotlight after giving birth. ‘Im still completely nervous,’ she said.

She then had someone on her team request that they be replaced with more favorable photos. When that didn’t go over so well, Beyonce decided to cut out the middle man and make the journalistically chill call and ban all photographers from her shows. S After this embargo, photos of her performing during the Mrs. Carter Show world tour have been made available via her very very popular Tumblr and then licensed through the Associated Press in a very modern form of pop star propaganda. And until recently, the person behind these Beyonce-approved photos wasn’t known. It was clear that though it was probably Beyonce herself posting those cute Instagrams of Blue Ivy, she’s not so superhuman that she can perform a stunning rendition of “Countdown” and take stunning photos of herself at the same time. But through a video posted by her team, we know now that Beyonce’s magic photographer is named Yosra El-Essawy or she was, until a recent diagnosis with stage 4, inoperable oeseophageal cancer forced her to leave the tour only a couple months in. “Beyonce specifically is the only celebrity that I’ve ever vocalized wanting to photograph, ever,” says El-Essway in the video. “There’s just such a humanity and beauty about her that I’ve always seen,” she adds, before telling a story about how Beyonce hugged and kissed two little girls during one of her shows and made their lives. El-Essway is a beautiful photographer with a really impressive story , someone who is clearly lucky to have such a great supportive team around her, which is why it’s sort of annoying that, as is the case with everything B-related, her coverage of the really cool people she wisely chooses to surround her is always slightly tainted with a vibe of how impressive she is to have picked them. That being said, now we have a face and a name for the woman who unknowingly caused all that controversy and we can wish her the very best of luck (within the last couple weeks, El-Essawy has received some good news about her health ). Like everyone around Beyonce, she seems kind, talented and very humble.

Beyonce’s Pink Nails for Breast Cancer Awareness — Get Her Exact Polish

We are loving her pretty pink nails find out how you can get her exact nail look below! Beyonces Pink Nails Get Her Pretty Pink Nails Beyonce is recruiting fans via her Instagram to support Breast Cancer awareness this month! In her new photo, shes wearing tons of metallic bangles and sparkly rings while painting her pinky nail a glitery pink. Her exact shade Nails Inc. Paint Your Pinkie Pink. Beyonce is supporting a great cause she captioned the photo: Breast Cancer awareness month starts today paint your pinky pink! To achieve Beyonces nails, follow these simple steps: Step 1: With clean nails, apply a base coat. Step 2: Apply two coats of a pink nail polish of your choice allow the color to dry in between coats. Step 3: Using Nails Inc. Paint Your Pinkie Pink, apply this to your pinky nail. Step 4: Add a top coat for shine, locking in that metallic shimmer and pretty pink color! Support Breast Cancer Awareness With Beyonce We are supporting Beyonce and her awareness for Breast Cancer by offering the exact polish she used! See what the brand has to say about their collaborations: In efforts to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Nails Inc.

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