What’s Up With Drake And Nicki Minaj? He Addresses Why They Weren’t Speaking

Drake and Nicki Minaj

That’s what’s gonna always hold us together. Drake is my baby because that’s how it was when we came in. So whenever I think of him, ‘That’s my baby.’ “Whatever is going on now, obviously we’re all very busy and you know, sh– happens,” she added. “It gets a little hard to have a real connection when people are on different sides of the world, working on different things. You just never know who people got in their ear or what they’re feeling or maybe they felt wronged in some way. I don’t know. I just know that Drake is my baby and Wayne is my everything.” Drizzy wouldn’t elaborate on why he and Nicki weren’t speaking around the time he began recording the follow-up to 2011’s critically acclaimed Take Care, but whatever the reason, it bothered him enough that he felt he needed to get it off his chest on the bombastic opening track, “I’m honest. I make mistakes. I’d be the second to admit it/Think that’s why I need her in my life, to check me when I’m trippin’.” And if Nicki did have to “check” the OVO’s head owl about his worst behavior , he’s keeping that close to the vest. But now, thankfully, the two are back on speaking terms and working through the hard times. “I think the dialogue actually between us was already opened up,” Drake said. “I had already solved that issue.

Nicki Minaj denies Zac Efron sex rumor

Nicki Minaj recently took to Twitter to respond to rumors that she had hooked up with hottie Zac Efron. Earlier this week, Perez Hilton reported that Ms. Minaj had cheated on her boyfriend Safaree with the 25-year-old actor. A source revealed, Zac and Nicki shared a steamy night together. Nicki took Zac to her house in West Hollywood. She said he was the best lover shes ever had. Now, Nicki is refuting reports that the two shared a steamy night together. She tweeted, Who exactly is Zac Efron tho? Im so confused. E! Online , the Starships singer didnt seem to mind the rumor once a fan showed her a picture of Efron. Nicki then tweeted, Oooohhhh ok…. Well I guess that rumor isnt so bad after all. lmfao. Most recently, Minaj has been linked to music producer Safaree Samuels.

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